The 3 things most commonly asked about College Fabric

Posted by Ira Cohen on 26th May 2014

There seems to always be the same three things asked about our College Fabric. This refers to colors/logos, shipping time, and new schools. Let's address these important college fabric subjects.

Ok, first off, at, we take our colors and logos we use very seriously. This is the most important thing we do because all of our fabrics are officially licensed by the schools. Whenever the schools update their logo or colors, we get the update within the next year. Having the official colors and current logo is obviously very important to our customers and at, we always have this on our mind.

Our staff at, is always mindful of your order. We update your orders online within your account area. Any time we have an update about your order, you will get an email as well. As online shoppers ourself, we are always thinking about this, and send out updates as often as possible regarding your college fabric order. The basic rule is this, if we show it on, then it is in stock and will be on the way to you as soon as possible.

At, we have a ton of schools listed. A ton! Have you looked recently?! Ok, it's a lot. So, the most common questions we get are: "Do you have our school? It's not listed on your site, but you all are the biggest supplier of college fabric online, so we thought we'd ask." Well, we are glad you asked. At this point, if the college fabric is not listed on our site, then it is not available, but be sure to bookmark our site and keep checking back to see if it comes in stock!