Crafting With University Fabric: Part 2

13th Jun 2014

Last time around we talked a little bit about the crafting possibilities that exist when you use our university fabrics. We went in depth on how to use our college fleece fabric to create cold weather … read more


Crafting With University Fabric: Part 1

2nd Jun 2014

Summer is the perfect time for crafting. At College Fabric Store we have everything you need to get started on high quality college themed projects. All of our university fabric is a 100% color match, … read more


The 3 things most commonly asked about College Fabric

Posted by Ira Cohen on 26th May 2014

There seems to always be the same three things asked about our College Fabric. This refers to colors/logos, shipping time, and new schools. Let's address these important colleg … read more


A College Fabric Store with a Great Selection

23rd May 2014

At College Fabric Store we have all of your university fabric needs covered. We have variety that no one else can match. If you are looking for college ribbon material we have an excellent selection. … read more


Graduation is Here, Get Your University Fabric Today!

17th May 2014

With graduation just around the corner it is the perfect time to stock up on all of your university fabric needs! Graduation time is the perfect season to rekindle your pride in your alma mater.& … read more



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